Landing page

Landing page

Whether you’re running a temporary campaign, launching a new product or testing new messages – a landing page can be an excellent tool for getting quick, targeted results. However, not all landing pages are created equal.

What makes MY landing pages different?

  • My pages are based on a personalized checklist developed solely by me
  • Top to bottom service – UX, design, coding and a marketing consultation.
  • I have been living & breathing digital for over 10 years.
  • I come from a credited marketing background, and have worked with organizations of all sizes.

Secured & Responsive

Every landing page I create is smartly built. Not only is it well designed, the look and behavior of the page stays consistent, regardless of the type or size of the device used. Additionally, since most landing pages include a sign-up form – the pages are stored in a secure environment (SSL) that protects users’ information.

Stable & Easy Operation

My landing pages are hosted on quality hosting solutions, which I personally use for my own websites. Additionally, I save you the trouble of having to deal with a complicated set up and cumbersome preferences. Once your landing page is ready (usually a few days) you get a link. It’s as simple as can be.

Easily Collect Leads

All the pages I design and build easily integrate with leading marketing solutions (Mailchimp, Getresponse etc.), which allows you to capture leads directly into the solution you are currently using. Not using any specific solution? Not a problem, you could also designate an email address or use a Webhook option. It is completely up to you.

Conversion is key

I come form a marketing background , which means I always have your businesses’ bottom line in mind. My landing pages are built on a strong foundation of personal experience and my own uniquely developed method, thus turning your pages into conversion machines. I take into account your target audience and business goals, in order to maximize your page’s traffic.

What no one tells you

Landing pages are goal-oriented tools. That being said even the best of pages might not generate results, for several reasons, like:

  • The correct target audience was missed
  • Users’ behavior was not observed (in order to understand what needs to be improved).

If you are aware of these issues and have already considered them – Great!

However, if you are not certain those issues have been addressed or don’t know how to handle them – I could provide you with a focused consultation, and connect you with highly experienced professionals that will save you time, money and unnecessary mistakes.

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